jfcu headquarters

The home of the Jamaica Fishermen Co-operative Union Limited, located at 44 Beechwood Avenue, Kingston 5.
The location consist of offices, sales area, warehouse, and boat manufacturing areas.

Jaco Craft Boat

The Jamaica Fishermen Cooperative Union (JFCU) have been manufacturing fibreglass fishing boats from 1998. Since then we have produced over 1000 canoes ranging from 28ft to 33ft. Our main aim is to supply products for our small scale commercial fishermen who were having problems locating strong, safe and dependable boats. Our product brand 'JACO CRAFT" has become an household name in the fishing communities.

The boats are custom built, deeper and wider than similar boats manufactured locally. The boat's exterior is painted in your choice of colours while the deck colors can be a choice of red , yellow or orange in keeping with the Maritime Authority specifications.

We use superior material from the best polyester resin available. The 'JACO CRAFT" boat is strong. It is built to seat 30 adults in the 10 metre model and 12 in the 8.69 meter model. The extra seat in the stern helps to strengthen the boat.

The JACO CRAFT boat has an edge on safety and dependability. It is inlaid with foam flotation throughout, from the bow to stern and on the sides so that it will remain afloat even if it takes in water. This extra foam also allows for greater balance and stability at sea. It moves straighter in the water with its bow high.