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Our Crew

The work being done includes training fishermen to help change cultural practices which are harmful to the marine environment. The Jamaica Fishermen Co-operative Union also supports these efforts by selling equipment such as 1 1/2 inch netting thus ensuring that juvenile fish remain free.

Services Provided

The JFCU provides a number of services to licensed fishermen and to member societies.

Fishing Equipment
These include commercial fishing equipment from its Beechwood Avenue store. The store is stocked with a range of fishing equipment which includes mesh wires, baits, netting, fibre-glass materials, marine ply, lines, and safety equipment. These are supplied to fishermen with licenses who visit its Beechwood Avenue store and to member societies which operates local stores on fishing beaches.

Boat Building
Fishing boats which are attractively priced are being built by the JFCU under the trade name "JACO CRAFT". They are constructed in 28 ft. , 30 ft., and 33 ft. models which comply to the standards the industry demands.

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